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About Us

Why own a fashion item that is seen on many others?

We create distinctive, quality products for the more discerning, responsible and smart consumers, who are not into mass-produced goods that are increasingly being force-fed to the earth.

Good-looking pragmatism describes us best.  We don't take the piss out of our fans by creating dumb items that might look great, but practically impossible. Think those stupid Givenchy Pandora box bags that look like boxy gym bags with one handle missing.  And how long do you plan to stand in front of your house, searching for your keys in a dumb-arse bag?

We carefully choose what we create in collaboration with Kiwi designers, crafting from a parallel but smarter viewpoint, to bring you more choices – and challenging norms.

Shukini® - for the intelligent man or woman who dictates his or her own style, comfort and choices.  Get real now!