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Return and Refund Policy

This Policy may change at any time without notice, so please check this page for any updates.


For Non-NZ Addresses:

We generally do not accept the return of items sent to non-New Zealand addresses, HOWEVER, we would honour our Consumer Laws and if an item has been damaged in transit, we will do what is necessary to assist you, provided you file any report required by the shipping agent.


For NZ Addresses:

  1. For an item delivered to a New Zealand address, please contact us within 3 Business Days from the time of receipt, if you wish to return the item.  Any contact beyond this period, will not be accepted, and no refund will be provided.

  2. To qualify for a return and refund, the item must also be:

    • unused;
    • in the same condition as it was in, when it left our premises;
    • in its original packaging; and
    • packed the same way as when in left our premises - our leather goods may be damaged if not packed in the same manner.

  3. If any of the return or refund conditions is not met (or not met, in our view at our sole discretion, upon inspection of the item), we may not provide a refund.  You will no doubt understand that if someone else buys the item you returned, they would not want any item that appears to have been used or is damaged.

  4. Shipping cost of returns: You are responsible for the shipping cost of the return.  Until the item is received at our ‘return’ address, you bear all the risk of loss, damage etc to the item.

  5. Timeframe for our receipt of returned items: If, after you have notified us about wanting to return the item as per clause 1, we do not receive the item within 4 days from the time of that notification, we will not provide a refund.

  6. Original shipping costs and insurance: Refunds will not include the original shipping cost.

  7. Processing time: While we will work quickly to organise a refund (if approved and applicable), please allow up to 60 days for this to show up in your credit card statement.

  8. Sale or made-to-order items or items noted as "not returnable": Items that were discounted or on sale, or items that were made to order, or items that were noted as 'not returnable', may not be returned, and a refund will not be provided.

  9. Business Day: This term means any day from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays, in Auckland.