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So many reasons for wearing Shukini's Undercover Tall 'Boots'

Top-to-bottom, open-ended zippers:

      • Keep your shoes on:   Shukinis are worn over your shoes.  This means you can remove them (and cool yourself down) without removing your shoes.  Not possible with normal tall boots, as you'll either keep them on (and bake) or take them off completely (not so glam, huh?!);

      • Easy on-off:   In seconds!  Normal tall boots that don't have zippers can be hard to remove, especially when your feet have become warm, sweaty and swollen after a long day;

      • Don't upset your leggings:   Unlike normal boots that you pull-on or those with partial zippers, your leggings don't get shoved upward when you put Shukinis on.

    Opens out flat  >  easy to store:   

      • No unsightly vertical lines on the front that plaque many normal boots, making them look like they'd seen better days.

    No 'shoe' part  >  much lighter than normal boots + and space-saving:

        • Great for travelling:   Bring these with your ankle boots and you'll have 2 looks without breaking the luggage weight limit or taking up precious space in your bags;

        • No logistical commitments:   Limited wardrobe space?  Don't wish to buy another pair of tall boots?  Shukini's Undercover Tall 'Boots' can still give you the tall boot look - and refresh and update your existing items;

        • Hygienic:   Swap with your BFFs without worrying about toe-nail germs because our Tall 'Boots' are worn from the ankles up;

        • Less guilt:   Normal tall boots wear out much faster in the shoe part, so you end up throwing out the good part with the worn shoe part.  Our tall boot styles can last a very long time - and all you'll be throwing out are the ankle boots that have worn out.

      So many options!

        • You're not stuck with one look.  Ours are detachable items.  By wearing with different ankle boots (e.g. pointed toe, round toe, square toe, peep toe, flat heel, mid heel, high heel, wedge, platform) or different coloured shoes, you can create so many looks.  For only about 1/3 of the price of the famed 5050 tall boots by Stuart Weitzman (or approx. the price of a mid-range pair of tall boots) that you can never wear over your ankle boots or other appropriate shoes, you can create multiple looks by wearing Shukini with your stash of ankle boots!

      Back stretch fabric:

        • Moulds to and elongates your legs;

        • Stretches to provide a more comfortable fit;

        • No ankle-sagging:  A common complaint that some normal tall boots sag around the ankles, reducing the height of the shaft - and stiffer leather that's sagged may also dig uncomfortably into the ankles.  Leather products tend to conform to your shape, so please look at our photos (with the human model) to get an idea of how our products look, on.

      Made by shoe experts:

      • Our Undercover Tall 'Boots' are not made by just anyone.  You'll get professionally made, attractive items that look like boots (and are often mistaken for boots!).

      So many women say that Shukini's Undercover Tall 'Boots' make so much sense - and we'd love you to be part of our growing group of fashion-smart ladies who embrace conscious designs and the motto, "Minimum volume, maximum impact!!"

      So many reasons for wearing Shukini's Undercover Anklets!

      • Detachable, non-permanent ankle accessories ...
      • You call the shots:   You're not stuck with a look that's no longer you - put them on or take them off as you feel like it!
      • Refresh and update:   These refresh and update your existing boots if you can't or won't buy another pair of boots;
      • Small, space-saving and lightweight:   A smart choice especially if you have limited wardrobe space - you can still create multiple looks;
      • Great for travelling:  Bring a pair of these with your ankle boots and a pair of Undercover Tall 'Boots' and you'll get 4 looks - easy!